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  • Travel sports often come with financial challenges, as we strive to organize high-quality yet affordable events for your club. To ensure the continued success of these events, we kindly request that everyone, excluding players in uniform and a maximum of two coaches per team, pays to access the games. This policy enables us to maintain the quality of the experience for all participants while ensuring the financial sustainability of our events. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this policy.

  • In order to uphold the integrity of our events, we kindly ask that if you observe any violations of this policy, you report them to our team. Your assistance in keeping the games fair and accessible is invaluable to us. Our dedicated staff and game officials will also be diligently monitoring adherence to this policy. Together, we can make these events enjoyable and inclusive for everyone involved.

  • Any person caught exchanging badges or attempting to enter the venue through side doors or any other unauthorized locations apart from the designated front gate will be immediately ejected by our diligent security team.

  • Moreover, the athlete associated with the offending parent, relative, or friend will be prohibited from participating in the event scheduled for that weekend.

  • Additionally, if a team has parents, relatives, or friends who commit this offense three times, the entire team will be immediately expelled from the event, resulting in forfeit of their scheduled games. Please note that no refunds will be entertained for violations of this policy.

  • At our basketball tournaments, we have a strict conduct policy in place to ensure a positive and respectful environment for all participants. We do not tolerate bad behavior and expect all attendees to treat our game officials and staff with respect

  • Any violation of this policy will result in immediate ejection from the venue/tournament and may result in a permanent ban from future Super6 events. There are no exceptions will be considered to this policy



  • All players must wear matching uniforms at our tournaments for a cohesive and professional appearance. Any player with a non-matching uniform will not be allowed to play. The Super6 has a strict uniform matching policy and will not make exceptions

  • T-shirts with markings or designs are not considered acceptable uniforms for our tournaments. All players must wear matching, unmodified uniforms in order to participate in games

  • For the purpose of identification and team cohesion, all uniforms for our tournaments must have pressed numbers on them, including home, away, and reversible sets. This is a mandatory requirement for all teams

  • Teams that do not meet the uniform standards for our events will not be permitted to participate and will not be eligible for a refund under any circumstances

  • Uniforms must have numbers on both sides and players cannot share the same number Violation of this rule may result in removal from the event by the site director or referee

  • Coaches are required to dress appropriately in collared shirts and or team apparel

  • On the schedule, the home team is listed at the bottom and the away team is listed at the top

  • The home team is required to wear white or light-colored uniforms, while the away team must wear dark-colored uniforms. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that they are wearing the correct uniforms for the game. If a team fails to follow the uniform rules, they may be assessed a technical foul before the game begins

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  • Assistant Coach (Home Team- Books)

  • Assistant Coach (Away Team- Clock)​

  • If a team is unable to fulfill the necessary game functions, their game will be forfeited. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • The away team is required to wear the top and dark uniforms, while

  • The home team must wear the bottom and light uniforms​

  • The Super6 aims to provide athletes with more opportunities to play and improve their skills in basketball. Teams from all over the state participate in our events. We do not tolerate game forfeiting, as it reflects poorly on everyone involved. If a team forfeits a game for any reason, they will be required to pay a $100 fee to participate in their next team or club game in that event and will also be required to pay a $100 forfeit deposit before playing in future Super6 events. There are no exceptions to this policy!


Teams may be asked to provide the following:

  • Proof of insurance

  • Full matching uniforms (t-shirts are not allowed) 

  • A website or social media page, and proof of previous tournament participation

If a team is unable to meet these requirements, they will be disqualified from the event and will not receive a refund

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  • Players are allowed to commit up to 5 fouls before being disqualified from the game

  • The Super6 games will be played according to the rules set by the National Federation of High School Basketball, unless specified otherwise

  • For 3rd to 7th grade games, the halves will be 16 minutes long and will be played with a running clock. The clock will stop at the 3 minute mark before the end of the game   

  • For 8th to 12th grade games, the halves will be 18 minutes long and will be played with a running clock. The clock will stop at the 3 minute mark before the end of the game

  • During the first overtime period, there will be a 1:00 minute time limit, and each team will have an additional time-out available

  • During the second overtime period, the game will be played in sudden death format, with the first team to score winning the game. Each team will also have (1) additional time-out available during this period

  • There are a total of 4-30-second timeouts per game

  • Each team is allowed to commit 7 bonus fouls per half, after which each subsequent foul will result in one free throw for the opposing team 

  • If the score difference is reduced to 20 points, the game clock will start again. If the score difference is reduced to 10 points, the game clock will stop once more

  • The double bonus rule applies when a team reaches 10 fouls in a half, allowing the opposing team to take two free throws on each subsequent foul

  • In head-to-head matchups, the result of the matchup takes precedence over total points

  • In the event of a tie, the tie-breaker will be based on a 15 point differential. If pool points are still the same, an automated coin flip will be used to determine pool seeding.  See More Details

  • If all teams in a round-robin have the same record and have faced each other head-to-head, the exposure events software will automatically conduct a coin flip to determine bracket seeding



  • All teams are required to have team insurance to participate in all Super6 events

  • Please arrive 1-hour prior to your game


  • ​To ensure that competition is fair and that all players are eligible to participate, we require that each player only compete for one team in a particular division. Athletes can alway play up within the same club.  However, athletes can not play down or across divisions. Violations will result to an automatic game forfeit.

  • To verify the eligibility of each player on your team, it is important that they have access to their school portal to log in and verify their grade at any time. This is the only form of documentation that will be accepted. If you have any questions or concerns about the eligibility of a player, please contact your site director to address the issue

  • Eligibility challenges for players will be accepted, but the challenger must pay a fee of $100 to challenge each athlete's eligibility. The site coordinator will work with the head coach to review the documentation provided as proof of the player's eligibility. If proper documentation is not provided, the player will not be allowed to participate in the tournament, with no exceptions. If a game has already been played and a player is found to be ineligible, the team will have to forfeit the game. If an athlete is determined to be ineligible, the $100 fee will be returned to the challenger

  • Girls' teams are allowed to play one level down in the boys' division (e.g. a 7th grade girls' team can play in the 6th grade boys' division). If a girls' team is unable to compete in the boys' division, they will not be permitted to do so in future tournaments. This determination is at the sole discretion of the Super 6 director

  • Teams are responsible for bringing their own balls for warm-up. The Super 6 will not provide warm-up balls. The head referee will select a suitable game ball from the two teams

  • To ensure that games run smoothly, the Super 6 will always start games 5 minutes after the end of the previous game. There may be instances where running clocks or forfeited games result in a change to the schedule, so it is important to plan to arrive at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled game time

  • The start time for games is 5 minutes after the scheduled time

  • Teams are expected to be ready to play no more than 5 minutes after the scheduled game time or risk forfeiting the game

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