• WE DO NOT TOLERATE BAD BEHAVIOR AT OUR EVENTS.  Our game officials and staff are trained to treat you with the utmost respect so we expect the same in return.  Violation of this very important Super6 conduct policy will lead to ejection from the venue/tournament and or permanently banned from future Super6 events. No exceptions will be considered. 



  • A player will not be permitted to play in games if his or her uniform(s) is not “completely” matching all other players.  The Super6 is very strict regarding uniform matching and will remain firm on this policy.  Please do not ask for a reprieve of this rule.

  • T-shirts with markings are not considered uniforms.  

  • Teams must have pressed numbers on each uniform including home, away, or reversible sets.

  • Teams failing to meet the uniform standards will not be allowed to participate in the event and no refund will be granted under any circumstances.

  •  All uniforms must have numbers on both sides of the uniform. Players cannot share the same uniform number.  This will be strictly enforced! A player could be removed by the site director or referee for uniform inconsistency.

  • Coaches are required to dress appropriately in collared shirts and or team apparel.


  • On the schedule: the bottom team is the Home team and the top team is the away team.

  • The homes team are white or light-colored uniforms and the away teams are dark-colored uniforms. Teams are responsible for wearing the correct uniforms during games. Failure to adhere to uniform rules could result in a team technical foul prior to the start of the game.

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  • Assistant Coach (Home Team- Books)

  • Assistant Coach (Away Team- Clock)​

  • If your team can not perform the above game functions, your game will be forfeit game.  No Exceptions...

  • Away Team- Top and Dark Uniforms

  • Home Team- Botton and Light Uniforms

  • The Super6's sole purpose is to provide athletes with more opportunities to play the game they love and to get better.  Teams travel from all over the state to play in our events.  The Super6 will absolutely not tolerate game forfeiting.  It is a very bad look for everyone when a team forfeits a game. Teams who forfeit any game for any reason will be required to pay $100.00 to play in their next team or club game(s) in that event and will be required to pay a $100.00 forfeit deposit prior to playing in future Super6 events.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED!


Upon request...  Teams must be able to provide the following requirements:

  • Show proof of team insurance

  • Full matching uniforms- no t-shirts will be allowed

  • Website and/or social media page

  • Show proof of past previous tournament participation

  • Failure to meet the team requirements will result in an immediate ejection from the event and no refunds will be issued.

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  • 5 game fouls

  • Super6 games will be conducted according to the National Federation of High School Basketball Rules unless otherwise noted

  • 16 minutes halves- Running Clock (3rd-7th Grade) (Clock stops at  3 minutes prior to the end of the game)   

  • 18 minutes halves- Running Clock (8th – 12th Grade) (Clock stops at 3 minutes prior to the end of the game)  

  • 1st Overtime- 1:00 plus 1 additional time-out

  • 2nd Overtime-2 Sudden Death (First team scores wins) plus 1 additional time-out

  • 4-TOTAL  30-second timeout per game   

  • Bonus 7 fouls per half per team (1&1)  

  • 20 Points down will initiate a running clock (10 points differential will stop the clock again)

  • Double Bonus 10 fouls per half per team (2 shots)


  • Tie-Breaker: 15 points differential, automated (scheduling software) coin-flip to determine pool seeding if pool points are the same.  See More Details

  • In the unlikely event that all teams have a round-robin head-to-head matchup and all teams have the same record, the exposure events software will perform an auto coin flip to determine bracket seeding.



  • All teams are required to have team insurance to participate in all Super6 events.


  • Please arrive 1-hour prior to your game.




  • Players will only be allowed to compete for one team in a particular division. You must have proper documentation handy that solidifies each player’s eligibility on your team. Proper documentation includes birth certificate, recent report card, and photo. No other documentation will be accepted. If there is any question regarding the eligibility of a player, please see your site director address the issue.


  • The Player's eligibility challenges will be granted; however, the challenger will have to pay a $100.00 fee to challenge each athlete’s eligibility. The site coordinator will then consult with the respective head coach to provide documentation of proof of eligibility of the player in question. Failure to provide proper documentation will result in the player not being allowed to participate in the subsequent tournament, NO EXCEPTIONS!  If a game(s) has already been played and a player is ruled ineligible then the team will have to forfeit that game(s).  If an athlete is found to be ineligible, the $100 fee will be returned to the challenger.


  • Girls' teams are permitted to play one level down in the boy's division.  (For example, A 7th-grade girls team can play in the 6th-grade boy's division).   If the girl's team cannot compete in the boy's division, that team will not be permitted to compete in the boy's division in future tournaments.  That determination is at the sole discretion of the Super 6 director.


  • Teams are required to bring their own balls for warm-up time. The Super6 will not provide warm-up balls for teams.  The head referee will choose a suitable game ball from the two teams.  


  • The Super6 will always start games 5 minutes after the end of the previous game. There are times when running clocks and forfeited games occur. Make sure you plan to arrive at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled game time. 


  • “Game Time” is 5 minutes after the scheduled game time. 


  • Teams are required to be ready to play a maximum of 5 minutes after the scheduled game or your game is "subject" to be forfeited.